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Cougar Money Matters

Money Matters Monday

Cougar Money Matters regularly posts helpful social media videos. We have listed those videos here. Contact us if there are topics you would like us to present.

Cougar Money Matters

Friendsgiving Vlog

DIY Gift Baskets

Ten Tips for Holiday Shopping


Finding the Right Budgeting App for You

Apartment Hunting

Managing Your Finances During a Crisis

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Managing Money During a Pandemic

Tips on Finding a Job During a Pandemic

Tips on Saving Money on Food

Financial Stress

Loan Repayment

Tips on Technology Deals

Preparing for College

Signing Up for iGrad

Taking Out Loans

Finding Cheap Textbooks

How to Budget Your Refund

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

Smart Shopping Tips

Occasional Splurges

Preparing for Job Interviews

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